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Šios dienos daina: Amy Winehouse - "Fuck me Pumps" (Help Yourself) [Lyrics]


2003 metais debiutavusi Amy Winehouse albumu „Frank“ nustebino daugelį muzikos klausytojų. Paskutinis iš šio albumo singlas vadinasi dvejopai, vienur jis pristatomas kaip „Help Yourself“, o kai kur kaip „Fuck me Pumps“, kuris iš esmės pasakoja apie moters seksualinius santykius su vyrais. Kad ir kaip turiniu daina beatrodytų „nuobodi“, tačiau ji skamba taip gerai, kad ją tikriausiai mėgsta visi šios atlikėjos gerbėjai. Šią dainą kai kurie muzikos kritikai ir apžvalgininkai įvardijo kaip geriausia „Frank“ albumo daina. Šiuo metu mano ausims šis albumas po įspūdingo antrojo albumo „Back to Black“ atsiveria visai kitomis spalvomis.

Vaizdo klipe matome atlikėją dar visai jaunutę ir „nesužalotą“ psichotropinių nuodų, todėl kviečiu pasižiūrėti šios puikios dainos ir dar švytinčia atlikėja:

Žodžiai / Lyrics

"Fuck Me Pumps"
When you walk in the bar,
And you dressed like a star,
Rockin' your F me pumps.

And the men notice you,
With your Gucci bag crew,
Can't tell who he's lookin' to.

Cuz you all look the same,
Everyone knows your name,
And that's your whole claim to fame.

Never miss a night,
Cuz your dream in life,
Is to be a footballer's wife.

You don't like players,
That's what you say-a,
But you really wouldn't mind a millionaire.

You don't like ballers,
They don't do nothing for ya,
But you'd love a rich man six foot two or taller.

You're more than a fan,
Lookin' for a man,
But you end up with one-nights-stands.

He could be your whole life,
If you got past one night,
But that part never goes right.

In the morning you're vexed,
He's onto the next,
And you didn't even get no taste.

Don't be too upset,
If they call you a skank,
Cuz like the news everyday you get pressed.

You don't like players,
That's what you say-a,
But you really wouldn't mind a millionaire.

Or them big ballers,
Don't do nothing for ya.
But you'd love a rich man six foot two or taller,

You can't sit down right,
Cuz your jeans are too tight,
And you're lucky it's ladies night.

With your big empty purse,
Every week it gets worse,
At least your breasts cost more than hers.

So you did Miami,
Cuz you got there for free,
But somehow you missed the plane.

You did too much E,
Met somebody,
And spent the night getting caned.

Without girls like you,
There'd be no fun,
We'd go to the club and not see anyone.

Without girls like you,
There's no nightlife,
All those men just go home to their wives.

Don't be mad at me,
Cuz you're pushing thirty,
And your old tricks no longer work.

You should have known from the jump,
That you always get dumped,
So dust off your fuck me pumps

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