2011 m. gruodžio 16 d., penktadienis

About Karma

You have to love Karma. It gets the bad people with the bad and the good people with the good. What comes around goes around. Although I do not appreciate Karma all the time (I am a good guy , dammit!) it seems to take care of me when I least expect it. Now, I just need to convince Karma that I need to win the Powerball and all will be good. So, Karma got me back (in a good way) this past weekend. 

So, as you all know, I recently settled the Bank One/JP Morgan Chase lawsuit that was dragging on my for over a year. The stress, frustration, and just stupidity of the lawsuit were just crazy. And, as you may all know, I recently settled the lawsuit by paying half of the amount to those money grubbing idiots. Roughly $1900 and some change. It took every ounce of strength in my body to pay that amount to the evil money mongers that they are. But, I figured it was best because it put an end to the stress and I didn’t want to battle this out for months, if not years, on end. I figured I won some, they won some, but in essence, no one won the complete battle. That is, until I go the mail on Saturday…..

It was like any other normal Saturday morning: the sun was out and the day was just perfect. (Except for the fact that I lost my voice and had a sever amount of antibiotics in me fighting a bacterial infection….got to love Zithromax) So I took my drugged up self and went to my mailbox. To my surprise there was an envelope from JP Morgan Chase. “What the fuck now?”, I said to myself. My anger boiled in me to the point I could feel my heart starting to pound. I aggressively opened the perforated envelope and got the biggest surprise. 

“Dear Edward:
According to our records you have an outstanding balance of $2199.63 in your Bank One Cash Balance Plan. Please advise us on how you would like to continue for us to either accrue this balance, or have the amount distributed to you. You can contact us at 1-800-XXX-XXXX.”

WHAT!!?? (Yes, you read correctly). I had not a clue that I had a vested cash balance plan. So essentially, they are paying me the amount (minus taxes). How freakin’ cool is THAT!!!??? I guess this means “I WON!!!!”Those idiots are so big and ignorant that they have not a clue about how everything relates. 

You’ve got to love Karma.

Next post coming soon: Puerto Vallarta: The good, the bad, and the (gasp)square-cuts!

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