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About Rebefing

In what the basic sense of employment by breath?
Majority of urban dwellers suffer from a moderate form of chronic depression.
Sometimes this depression makes you feel miserable. But often it is much softer. It is a feeling that your life isn't full, even when seemingly everything is quite well.Man suffers unexplained yearning for something more than mere physical existence. He begins to search for the meaning of life, looking for excuses for his stay in this situation, or seeking oblivion in alcohol, smoking, overeating, gambling, long watching TV.
Free breathing - a way to make a "mystical journey in search of himself, experience the incomparable state of inner wholeness and harmony, to feel that it is impossible to explain any words - their unity with the world in the flow of cosmic energy.
What does free breathing give? 
Since the birth in our minds, and later in the body, there is a lot of "dams" of the suppressed and repressed emotions, overlapping the natural course of our energy, feelings, thoughts. This is a "swamping" of large areas of our inner space. As a result, also in life we fall by time to time into the pits with standing water.
Free breathing - is an opportunity to restore freedom, the natural flow of the river of our life.

Where are the roots of breathing techniques? Why is it us?
Working with the breath is an important part of most spiritual and physical practices. The great value to breath is given by shamans, yogas, taoists and sufies.
Rebirthing the first modern technique of breath-connected which, its father Leonard Orr gave to "western" people. However, the origins of rebirthing to look for in Indian yoga of immortality. In one version of Babaji (Indian saint and teacher of Orr) said: "You're Western people, yoga is not appropriate you. Breathe properly - it will be for you to yoga." 
Now every modern man has the opportunity to learn the ancient practices, adapted to our reality. Why? Just to gain the opportunity to live in harmony with oneself and the world, be healthy and full of energy, creativity and life filled with happiness. 
The problem of modern man - the skills of self-regulation body and mind, so to purify themselves and to restore power faster than they spent.
Distortions in uniform, connected breathing arise from stressful experiences, holding back emotions, suppression of natural expressions and desires. But people are so accustomed to the wrong, "squeezed" the breath that first processes connected breathing can cause uncomfortable feelings. After "pumping" they disappear, remains a pure state, which is characterized by a feeling of love, joy and ecstatic ascent.
Why do I need to pass a seminar? 

During the years of life, each of us very well have learned not to breathe correctly and worked for this skill is constant repetition. To overcome the stereotype of breathing correctly work out the five elements of free breathing, successfully overcome the discomfort of the first processes The help of the instructor is necessary. He'll become your quide in the world of surprising sensations which accompany process, will prompt how to behave in unexpected situation for you.
In addition, at the seminar conduct trainings, which help to immerse into the world of internal sensations, to better understand themselves and their strategy for communicating with the world. The group creates a special atmosphere of unity and trust, which helps sensations appear fuller. Energy of the group helps the internal process of each participant proceed richer and more efficient.
Often during the process of breathing person gets into a zone of its own birth. It is very important and crucial moment. In a properly managed process, which is present at the seminar, you will rewrite your birth: pass it consciously and come in a world full of love for you. After gone through may radically change the attitude to life and strategy of action. You begin to see the world differently, in life there are new people come, new and unexpected ideas occur, the favorable circumstances and events appear.
What is the distinguishing feature of free breathing techniques: 

1. This approach is based on the natural physiological breathing, which "erases the rhythm of the disease, recorded in our habitual breathing. 
2. There is a simultaneous, high-quality work, as with the physical body, and to the psyche. 
3. The main task - to take the work experience of their own limitations and difficulties, and release them to freedom. 
4. There is a familiarity with their inner world, opening its own internal reserves. 

Seminar on the free breathing - the way to the integrity of the individual and the attainment of conscious inner freedom.

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